girl helping her brother with homework

As we navigate the prolonged time at home having our children virtually learning while some of us are working from home in conjunction with the chaos of multiple children, it will be significantly important for you and your child/children to have a dedicated workspace for productive learning. The workspace you chose should be a space you and your student(s) create together to ensure that it is an environment that promotes excitement and productivity for learning.


Here are some things to consider when setting up a learning space:

  • Appropriate height seating for your child’s size
  • Ensure that the wall mount desk/writing desk is the proper height.
  • In a space that promotes minimal noise and distractions.
  • Well-lit space with as much natural light as possible, if natural light is not an option than task lighting can be added to the area.
  • Spacious enough for your child(ren) to work on projects and have room for their computer.
  • Easy access to outlets as devices will need to be charged.

If you are working with multiple children in your family, consider giving each child their own cart with supplies.  We have 3 tier carts that we purchased on for $40.00, 1st tier is set up with their office supplies – markers, pencils, erasers, calculator, dry erase markers, post-it notes, etc, 2nd tier is set up for their current binders and whiteboard, and the 3rd tier for the extra pads of paper and any additional supplies that are not needed at this time. This will promote a sense of ownership to their workspace and help them stay organized and focused. I also encourage every mom out there to invest in a good quality “water bottle” as I already tipped over water this morning almost destroying 2 laptops!  

All learning material should stay in this dedicated workspace, just as they would at school, so if possible, set this dedicated space away from the common areas of the home that you use for relaxing and other family activities. If you would like our help installing convenient outlets or task lighting, simply give us a call or use our contact form.