Recessed Lighting

At Farryn Electric, we offer many forms of interior lighting, but recessed lighting is one of our main services. If you’re looking for a modern look with no obstructions, then recessed lighting design is the way to go. It’s a design feature where your light is flush with the ceiling rather than hanging down from the ceiling. This type of lighting is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom, but can be installed anywhere in your home. Be careful when choosing spots for recessed lighting; too many holes can turn a sleek looking home into a project gone bad. Use the experts at Farryn Electric to not only install your recessed lighting, but help you choose the optimal spots.

Recessed Lighting Aesthetics

Besides being functional, recessed lighting adds aesthetics to your home. If you don’t like the look of a round, white light fixture, there are other choices of recessed lighting available. Pick from different trims shapes, colors and finishes. Another added bonus is choosing the right light bulb. Most recessed lights use LED lights, which last longer and use less electricity, but you can choose from a variety of light bulbs and colors.

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