Happy New Year! Yes, it’s Winter which means cold, but not too cold… no snow and it is hard to find “happiness” in all these dreary grey days. So, what can we do to prevent cabin fever? How about get inspired?

My passion recently has been turning our home and spaces into an environment that is calm and serene. Did I mention that I have 3 kids?! Sounds impossible right? Well it can be at times, to be completely honest. All I can do is focus on my passion. To keep it from being overwhelming I start and focus on one room at a time. Recently, I redid my older daughters’ rooms with their help, and now they are keeping their space tidy (well as much as a 10 and 7-year-old can).

Now I am staring down my dining area… Looking at the paint and marker splotches from my little artists all over the hand me down dining room table and mismatched credenza I purchased 2 years go to make a sad attempt to “spruce up” the space. Looking at the characterless empty space used to feel so overwhelming. Have you ever stared at a space for so long and then shake your head and walk away? I have done that now for 3 years. This year I turn 40, my husband is 3 years ahead and I never let him forget it. I want to entertain, but I am really not seeing a space that I would welcome in confidence, but rather apologize profusely. So, it does not become overwhelming and left undone for another 3 years I came up with 3 simple steps for space improvement.


3 Steps to Spruce Up Your Space

chic dining room with a brown table and white accessories

Going from Eh to WOW!

It is as simple as adding Lighting! Lighting is the heart of the dining room, and any space of your home. Your décor and everything else wraps around the fixtures and lighting layout you chose. So, when I came across a fixture that I loved, everything else just seemed to fall into place. Whether you want to add recessed lighting, pendants, or outlets for decorative lamps. This simple step will help to transform your space.

Mix Your Metals

Another trend that started in the fall is mixing up the metals. Wearing gold and silver jewelry together is a trend that has spilled over from the fashion industry and into the interior design world. Don’t be afraid to break the so-called “design rule” and go ahead and mix the finishes of your fixtures and hardware. If your home has a nickel colored wall sconces, don’t hesitate to hang a copper mirror in between!

Conserve Your Energy

Spring is a great time to think about how you can be more energy efficient. Save on electricity costs by swapping out regular incandescent bulbs for LED or upgrading to LED fixtures. LED bulbs consume just a fraction of the energy used by standard incandescent bulbs. Not only does this update save you energy and money in the long run, you’ll also save time by removing the need to change light bulbs every year since LEDs last for years. LED fixtures are great for outdoor use, such as on your porch or in your backyard. Not only do outdoor fixtures amp up the curb appeal of your home, they also keep your home safe and secure. By choosing LEDs, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of styles and designs, including fixtures that use integrated LED modules.

If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home, give us a call or contact us online.