We at Farryn Electric understand that there may be electrical items you need or want, but may not be able to afford or substantiate. Old wiring replacement, ungrounded receptacles needed circuits due to overloading are all items we should not live without. Alternatively, luxury items like landscape lighting, recessed lighting, and home automation certainly aren’t a need but they can have a positive effect on you and your family as well as serve to better secure your home.

This is why We at Farryn offer a financing program like no other. We have, not 1, but 4 options so you can get that electrical work done in an affordable way! We are proud to offer a 0%, same as cash for 24 months option. We also offer 3 other very reasonable financing options for our customers, as well. Just imagine having to pay $100 a month for 24 months, with no interest as opposed to having to come out of pocket $2400. It really does open the door to so many possibilities!

The next time you dream of having more light, or safe wiring, let Farryn Electric make that dream a reality! Call 610-488-2114 for details.

Special Financing offer flyer by Farryn Electric

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