An energy management system is a device that monitors your home’s electric use to help empower you to find savings, see what’s on or off, and even avoid disaster. It gives you the tools to break down your electrical usage and take action. Powered by a monitor that Farryn Electric can install into your electric panel, it reads the current one million times each second and processes that data to present a whole-home view you can’t get anywhere else.


See What’s Up and Know What’s On

An energy management system uses machine learning, a little AI, to look at all the power in your home and pick apart the individual devices that are on and off. It’s a unified view of the dumb and smart devices in your home through one app on your phone.


Save Energy and $$$ Money



Saving starts with understanding your home’s electrical usage. An energy management system gives you the data and information you need to act. The average homeowner can save up to 6-9% and some save much more. How much do you think you could save?


Avoid Disaster

Whether power surges are coming from inside or outside the home, you can see them happen in real-time. Why is this important? The first reason is it will warn you of impending damage to your electronics. Most importantly, it will warn you of the damage done to the panel(s) in your home. Knowing you have irregular power coming in from your power supply can help avoid electrical arcing and therefore fires. The system will act as a recording device, so you have proof when you have to put a claim in for lost goods, with your power company!

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