As the abnormal rains continued into 2019, so have the problems that this epidemic of storms and excessive rain have caused. Flooding, trees down, and power surges and outages. If you live here you know, and may have been an unfortunate victim of circumstance.

As many of our neighbor’s scramble about putting food in another person’s freezer, collecting the branches that damaged their home and tore off the power lines to their house and load up on batteries and board games to survive several nights without power, we at Farryn Electric feel for those folks.

I help where I can, currently I have my neighbor’s kids here enjoying movies and hot meals, while their dad places an abundance of food in our freezer before it spoils. They all say the same thing, well here we go again… another unexpected camping trip!

So what can you as a home owner do to protect yourself from power outages:

  • Ensure your grounding system meets the current code requirements.
  • Install whole house and localized surge protection.
  • Find a generator that is right for you!

The most important thing is to have a plan. List all of the things you would have to do if you were to lose power. Do you have flashlights ready? Do you have food that won’t spoil? Do you have a place to bring your perishables? Do you have a place to sleep?